Why get funded?

Our traders’ evaluation program is as close to real market trading as possible.

In the safe environment, you are going to get the necessary market skills and successfully manage a funded session account in future. You will improve your trading, refine your trading system and get better at risk management without risking your own capital.

Choose the Program that works best for you!

At LMI, you can choose between 2 options for an evaluation program. Each option has its own features and advantages.

1 Stage Program

Qualifying Pro Session

The Qualifying Pro Session is focused on a Consistency, which differs it from regular Qualifying Session

Available account sizes$10K, $30K, $50K, $100K, $150K, $300K

2 Stages Program

Practice Session & Qualifying Session

Receive 30 days (15 days for mini account) of the second stage, Qualifying Session, for free, after completion of the Practice Session.

Available account sizes: $10K, $30K, $50K, $100K, $150K

Final Stage: Funded Session

New: The Funded Session Traders now can have up to 3 Funded Session accounts at the same time!

By making it to the Funded Session, you have demonstrated that you have all the necessary skills responsibly manage out investors’ capital.

After you have completed the Qualifying Session, you will receive a notification of the start of the process of transition to the Funded Stage. Our funded team LMI will contact you to offer you a contract. The papers usually get ready within a few working days. After that, you will receive your Funded Session account details.

Wherever you are, get 100% on all withdrawals up to a total of $30,000 earned and withdraw the money you have earned to any bank. The profit split on withdrawals over $30,000 is 90/10, with 90% going to the trader.

If something goes wrong, you can go back to the Qualifying Session for free any time before violating any rules using Re-Qualifying.

For all accounts, the starting balance is $0, the buying power is determined according to the type of your account and by the Scaling Plan. All Funded Session traders need to follow the Funded Session rules. The Funded Session traders are responsible for the data fees charged by the exchange. Persons who have been convicted of violent crimes or are disciplined by any regulatory body cannot be funded. Outstanding debts with a clearing firm can also affect the eligibility.


Work wherever you want, at any time

Take full advantage of the VolFix platform

Get 100% on all withdrawals up to a total of $30,000, and then the profit split is 90/10, with 90% going to the trader

Quickly withdraw your profit through SWIFT transfers

Try the evaluation program for free

Free trial period of 14 days Qualifying Pro session to try our Trader Evaluation Program

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