Terms of the affiliate program

Last modified: May 06, 2024

Participation in the affiliate Program

A potential affiliate who wants to participate in the Program, must fill out a special web form on the site. After consideration of the application, the potential affiliate is contacted by an affiliate manager and is informed of the decision. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the company.

Affiliate reward

The Company monitors the transitions of potential Customers by the Affiliate’s personal link to the Company’s website. The Customer is deemed to be assigned to the affiliate in the event that the following conditions are met:

  1. The Customer has been transferred to the Company’s website directly from the affiliates link prior to purchasing their first Practice Session.
  2. The user has filled in all the necessary information about themself and is our registered user.

In this case, the Affiliate will be continiously credited to their account in the amount of 20% of the Customer’s Practice, Qualifying Pro Session subscription purchases/extensions and Qualifying, Qualifying Pro Session subscription extensions. The Customer themself also receives a discount on their first Practice or Qualifying Pro Session in the amount of 50%.

Duties of the parties

  1. The Company submits to the Affiliate graphic and text links to the Company’s Website, which the Affiliate can indicate on their websites, include in their emails and demonstrate as an online advertisement. These links serve to identify the Affiliate and establish a link between the media data of the Affiliate and the Company’s website
  2. The company pays a commission to the Affiliate for each assigned customer. An assigned customer is a person who:
    1. Got to the Company Website through the link of the Affiliate
    2. Is a real living person. It is not a robot, spider, computer script, or other automatically generated object.
    3. Fills out all necessary information about themself (see below)
    4. Later will not be identified by the Company as a fraudulent Customer, duplicate, or Customer not eligible under the terms of cooperation with the Company
  3. The commission is paid to the Affiliate on a monthly basis, provided that the Affiliate’s current earnings exceed 200 EUR. If the Affiliate’s current balance is less than 200 EUR, the balance is carried forward to the next month. The Company reserves the right to debit the Affiliate’s funds from the Affiliate’s account, if it later becomes clear that the Customer, under which the Commission was paid a commission, does not meet the requirements of clause 2.
  4. Payment of commissions to the Affiliate depends on whether the relevant payment was made by the Customer in favor of the Company. Thus, the Company pays the Affiliate after the funds have been received from the Customer assigned to the Affiliate.
  5. The Company, on behalf of the Affiliate, calculates the commission payments due to the Affiliate on the basis of the statistics of the transitions coming from the links assigned to the Affiliate. If the Affiliate has any objections about the payments, they must notify the Company in writing within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the commission report. Otherwise, it is understood that the Affiliate agrees with the amount of payments due to him. If the Affiliate expresses their disagreement with the statistics of the Company and provides their own statistics that differ in figures by more than 10% from the Company’s statistics, then the parties make efforts to agree on the final figures of the statistics. If the parties cannot come to such an agreement, then the Company’s statistics are recognized as fair.
  6. If the Affiliate is in arrears to the Company under the terms of this agreement, the Affiliate agrees that the Company is entitled to deduct debts from the funds due to the Affiliate.

The Affiliate also agrees with the following

  1. The Affiliate is solely responsible for creating and tracking of their own content.
  2. The Affiliate must make sure that any content that in one way or another is associated with the Affiliate Program, (1) does not violate the intellectual rights of third parties and (2) does not contain malicious, threatening, sexually directed, discriminating (on the basis of gender, religion, age, nationality etc.) of the data, is not intended to advertise illegal activities (including gambling).
  3. The Affiliate does not give guarantees, does not act on behalf of the Company or the Customer and related products or services, with the exception of those that are explicitly included in the Affiliate Program.
  4. The Affiliate does not copy the content of the Company’s website and does not state that its content is an integral part of the Company’s website, without the written agreement from the Company.
  5. The Affiliate operates within the framework of (1) requirements and limitations provided for by the Affiliate Program, and (2) laws and regulations pertaining to the Affiliate’s business.
  6. The Affiliate operates within the rules and conditions of third parties, through the services of which they conduct their advertising campaigns (including social networks, advertising networks, etc.)
  7. The Affiliate does not advertise the Company on online auctions (such as eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  8. If the Affiliate uses their own sub-affiliate network for advertising, they must explicitly forbid their sub-Affiliates to somehow change the affiliate link belonging to them. Also, the Affiliate must ensure that all of their sub-Affiliates accept this agreement.


Unless otherwise is stated in this Agreement, the Affiliate respects strict confidentiality with respect to business and financial information, as well as information about customers and third parties involved in the Affiliateship Program. The Affiliate must ensure that their actions under the Affiliate Program do not lead to a service that directly competes with the Affiliate Program.

Intellectual property

The Company gives to the Affiliate non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable rights for the use of links to the Company’s website. The Affiliate can not in any form change the information provided to them for participation in the Affiliate Program. The right to associate a Affiliate with the Company may at any time be withdrawn by the Company.

Termination of cooperation

The agreement on cooperation comes into force from the day the Affiliate is approved by the Company. The Affiliate can terminate participation in the Affiliate Program by deleting all links to the Affiliate Program. The Company may terminate the Affiliate’s participation in the Program at any time and for any reason deemed necessary by notifying or not notifying the Affiliate about it.

Company Protection

In addition to the rights of the Company described above, the Company reserves the right not to recognize the Customers referred by the Affiliate, and to freeze the commission not paid for them in the event that (1) the Company determines that the Affiliate has violated this Agreement, or (2) The Company will receive complaints indicating that the Affiliate has violated the terms of this Agreement.


All emails sent by the Affiliate in connection with their participation in the Affiliate Program should contain a link to the unsubscribe from such mailings. The Company at any time has the right to demand that the Affiliate sends the final version of the email sent to their potential Customers for pre-approval.


The Affiliate is prohibited from winding up the number of referrals on the links belonging to them under the Affiliate Program, use fraudulent software, interfere with the activities of other Affiliates, and commit other unlawful activities related to transitions on the Affiliate-owned links. The company has the right to decide independently whether such actions of the Affiliate have been fraudulent.

The company has the right to change or terminate the operation of any link, change any tags, text, banners or graphic information associated with the affiliate link. The Affiliate, in their turn, agrees to modify the referral links or other information used in the Affiliateship Program in accordance with these changes.

Changes in the Partnership Program

The company has the right to change or terminate the operation of any link, change any tags, text, banners or graphic information associated with the affiliate link. The Affiliate, in their turn, agrees to modify the referral links or other information used in the Affiliateship Program in accordance with these changes.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances shall the Company be held liable for the unavailability of the links provided to the Affiliate, technical malfunctions, damage or loss of information. Also, the Company can not be held responsible for personal damage caused to the Affiliate due to participation in the Affiliateship program, including loss of profit or loss of the Affiliate’s business.

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