Refer a Friend invite policy

Last modified: May 27, 2021

As a Referred Friend:

Using the promo code of your friend (from an existing LMI trader or a new one), you will get $50 off for a new Practice session account ($25 off in case you will buy a Mini Practice account). Please read all the information below before making the payment:

Before using this offer:

    • You should not have any LMI accounts before using this offer (the registered account should be completely new in LMI (not an existing or returned LMI user, but it is not the case for VolFix users); please do not try to cheat because otherwise you will be blocked on document & account checking stage after completing the Qualifying session; no refunds).
    • Your account must not be linked to any LMI affiliates or another friend (unfortunately, we can not remove your existing affiliate link or link to your friend code, and still, your account should be new). It can be checked in the VolFix Anywhere platform (Market Watch -> setup -> Global Settings). If your account is not linked, after the “Backend Server”, you will have “Chart Update Interval, ms”. If your account is linked after the “Backend Server”, you will have a “Referral LMI” field with LMI affiliate ID (in case your account is linked to LMI affiliate) or “friend” if your account is linked to another friend before.
    • Please note you will not be able to link your LMI account to any LMI affiliate in the future.
    • During the registration process, you must not use a false name (at the document check stage, you shall provide ID proof for the name entered during registration; In case of providing false data, you will not be able to get the Funded session account).
    • We as a company will determine in our sole discretion whether the user is new.

To use this offer:

      • Download and install the VolFix
      • After the installation, run the VolFix and login into the platform using your VolFix login details (if you have not changed it, your current credentials could be found in the email from To reset your password please use this instruction). If you do not have a VolFix login please register in the LMI trial program using this link. Please make sure that you do not have a text “Referral ID: some value (some LMI Affiliate ID)“ between the confirmation checkbox and Submit button. If you have it, open this link in incognito mode. (in another case, your trial account will be linked to an LMI affiliate, and you will not be able to use this offer).
      • After logging in, click the Component button in the Market Watch window and then select Social -> LMI Report. In the LMI Trade Report module window, click on the “Start a new Practice” button and choose a starting date by clicking on the “Begin Date” field(by default, it is today’s date) and select the account size by clicking the ”Account Size” field. Paste the promo code provided by your friend into the Promo Code field and click Place Order.
      • Please pay attention! The promo code works only in the LMI Trade Report module of the VolFix platform and doesn’t work on the website page
      • If the registration was successful, you will get a payment email from us with an applied and indicated in the email’s text discount. If you see that the discount has not applied to your order, please check that you pasted the code without any other symbols. If the issue still occurs, please check that your LMI account does not have a link to another friend or LMI Affiliate.
      • Please note that the order expires automatically in 3 days from the date of creation. If you do not pay it, on the fourth day, the order will be cancelled automatically.
      • If you would like to change the account size or the starting date, please create the new order with the parameters you like using the same code. After you pay the order, you will not be eligible to use this offer.
      • After the successfully made payment using the link provided in the payment email, your account will be activated on the chosen date you filled in the “Begin Date” field. If you did not change the starting date, your account will be activated immediately after processing the payment.
      • After your account activation, your friend as a referrer will get a $50 bonus ($25 bonus if you activated a Mini account).

As a Referrer:

    • At the moment the friend of yours pays the rest of the sum after using the promo code you provided for getting them the very first Practice account, you will receive $50 to your bonus balance ($25 to your bonus balance in case your friend bought a Mini account).

Before using this offer:

      • Please make sure you use the VolFix Anywhere version of the platform. If not, please use this link to download VolFix Anywhere. You should use this version of the platform because this is the only version of the platform where you will obtain the promo code to share with your friends, and you also will see the quantity of referred friends and bonuses you have.
      • If you don’t have a VolFix login, please register it here.

To use this offer:

      • After logging in, click the Component button in the Market Watch window and then select Social -> LMI Report to open the LMI Trade Report module.
      • In the LMI Trade Report module, click on the “Bonus” button in the upper right corner to view your code, click on the code to copy it and then paste it to your friend anywhere you want (this code is constant and does not change over the time).
      • When a referred friend buys the first Practice with a promo code you provided, you will receive $50 to your bonus balance ($25 to your bonus balance in case your friend bought a Mini account) as a bonus of the “Refer a friend” program.
      • To check how many bonuses you have, please go to the LMI Trade Report module (Market Watch -> Component -> Social -> LMI Report -> Bonus) of the VolFix Anywhere platform.
      • After the referred friend’s account will be activated, you will get a $50 bonus to your bonus balance($25 bonus to your bonus balance if the referred friend’s account is a Mini account).
      • In case if the referred friend made a refund of the order (the refund could be made only if the referred friend did not use the account), the bonus will be withdrawn from the bonus balance (in case if the referrer already used the bonus balance and the referred friend made a refund the bonus balance will be overdraft).

Use of bonuses:

      • Please note that you will not be able to refund the order that was paid partially or fully using the bonus.
      • Bonuses you have will be applied automatically when you decide to buy a new Practice/ extend the current subscription/ get a restart.
      • If you have enough bonuses to pay fully for the service you need, the bill will not be sent to you, and the service you have chosen will be made immediately.
      • Please pay attention that bonuses can not be monetized or shared/ transferred to another person.
      • If you buy the service using the bonuses you have, additional discounts can not be applied.

For Referral and Referrer:

    • You as a referrer agree to communicate with us regarding participation in the referral program and also allow us to communicate with referred users about your participation (for example: allow us to disclose the information that they were invited by you).

    • Any information collected from you or referred users is considered a part of the referral program and becomes a subject of the LMI Privacy Policy.

If you are an LMI Affiliate Partner, you will not get an affiliate commission for inviting new users according to a program Refer a Friend.

    • We can void your referral bonuses, deprive you of the right to collect referral bonuses or close your LMI account or LMI accounts of referred friends you invited if you or they do any of the following:
      1. Open multiple accounts, including with different email addresses, for the same person in order to generate additional referral bonuses;
      2. Refer users to spam, display ads, sponsored links, unsolicited emails, or links on message boards or forums;
      3. Use false names, impersonate others, or otherwise provide us with false or misleading information;
      4. Offer any incentive to others to register new accounts;
      5. In any way violate these or any other LMI terms and conditions; or participate in the LMI referral program where prohibited by any applicable law or regulation.
    • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice to add, remove or otherwise change these terms, including but not limited to changing the amount of the referral bonus, changing how you can earn and spend referral bonuses, changing the duration and expiration of referral bonuses, requiring a minimum purchase amount to use referral bonuses, changing the maximum amount of referral bonuses you can earn, and ending the LMI referral program altogether.

    • We will post an updated version of these terms on the website, and you will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to use the website or the LMI referral program after the date such changes were posted.

    If you have any questions regarding the Refer a Friend program, please write them to our Support Team by email:


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